I received my BSc, MSc, and PhD at the University of Toronto, with the latter two degrees under the tutelage Eugene Fiume. After my MSc I interned at Autodesk Research under Francesco Iorio, working on shape optimization. Later on, I joined his company Augmenta for a number of years as a Senior Computational Scientist. There, I worked on problems in geometry, simulation, and optimization with respect to laser engraving. I also worked with Eugene as a Research Scientist at Simon Fraser University for a short period after my PhD. During my PhD I was credited in Cyberpunk 2077 for some assistance I provided Jali:).

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy a variety of hobbies such as powerlifting, climbing, hiking, and trying to learn more about consumable fluids ( coffee, tea, beer, and scotch). I want do more racquet sports like badminton and squash, as well as yoga, in the future! I also had nerdier hobbies like playing competitive games (CS:GO and SSBM), writing code, headphones, and homelabbing.